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 Difficulty? What is this? In Pooru Senpai Japanese there are 3 ranges of difficulty settings, giving students option to how they want to tackle Japanese. As you know difficulty can have its pros and cons. Increase in difficulty can mean you will learn faster work harder and gain more but if you cant handle the heat it also can be damaging to your passion for Japanese. Luckily for you I will not allow that to happen, If I see you are not handling the current setting well I will make adjustments. Usually this only possible with HARD difficulty but is not impossible to happen with MEDIUM. Click the difficulties to see the rates/costs.

EASY : This difficulty setting gives you time to work on your Hiragana and depend on Romaji for the 1st 3 lesson modules. Then you will do a Hiragana writing test in order to move on lesson 4 that no longer has Romaji.

MEDIUM : This difficulty setting gets you started in the deep end with Hiragana. There is no freedom to exploit the ways of Romaji. A good thing but potentially challenging for some! It is recommended to fully learn Hiragana asap otherwise the process of beginning your quest to learn Japanese becomes limited potentially discouraging!

HARD : This difficulty is as hard as it gets. There is no diluted Japanese here. As you would see Japanese in real life is how you will experience it here. No romaji(Japanese written in English) and no Furigana (Hiragana written above kanji).

Every lesson from the start is has no Romaji and Furigana. Homework is no longer vocabulary but Kanji instead. No need to memorize vocab when you memorizing Kanji. averaging from 25 in the beginning to 100 per lesson. This is including the many Kanji that will repeat as well so please understand as you progress the Kanji you have learnt will repeat.

JLPT : Short for Japanese Language Proficiency Test, every once a year in South Africa the exam is held at the Emmerentia Japanese Primary School. This is a certification that can be used for exployement or just a form of evulation of your skills. Click the JLPT link above for more.

Retainer : The lessons I give are long term and it just may be possible that your slot is been watched and the moment it is free, another student takes it. With the limited slots available this can be problematic! It may be the only time in the week you can do and the ETA to it been free again could be 6 months – 2 years+!




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