2015 New Course

I’ve being very busy working on the New Course for this year, unfortunately I have not being very expressive on the fact I am offering a course to the public.

It is tough being a one man show, creating your own course from your own writing plus having to work,study, and live.

This course has being setup to cater for the JLPT5 and 4 this year. It is recommended only for those that are keen to prep themselves for that. There are 3 joining dates and 3 modules that I like to call Stages. Those 3 joining dates are for the beginning of each term.(3 terms in total) There will be exams at end of each term including lots of homework on a weekly basis.

3 Joining dates are :

Now up till 7th February for Term1
1st – 9th of May for Term 2
1st – 5th September for Term 3

Please note this course requires you to know Hiragana and Katakana before hand.