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JLPT 2017 Study Course+Mock Exam


Study Material : Goukaku dekiru
JLPT Levels : N5 + N4
Cost  : Extra charge of R10 per lesson to cover printing cost but otherwise exactly the same as the Medium Package or if group .
Details : This course focus is for both N5 and N4 students. Meaning you will either be doing N5 content or N4 content. Begins from February ending half way through June with Mock Exam. Repeats again from July to November with Mock Exam. You can decide which terms to do, whether both or just one. Majority of work will be getting through material. With extra homework to be done. You will be required to do your own JLPT Ankidriod/other flashcard studies of N5 or N4.
JLPT Exam is usually at the end of the first week of December. Once you’ve done your studies you should be ready.
Course Schedule :

 Month Activities N5+N4
Term 1
1 February げんごちしき:もじ・ごい
2 March げんごちしき:ぶんぽう・どっかい
3 April げんごちしき:ぶんぽう・どっかい
4 May げんごちしき:ちょうかい
5 June Mock Exam N5+N4
Term 2
6 July げんごちしき:もじ・ごい
7 August げんごちしき:ぶんぽう・どっかい
8 September げんごちしき:ぶんぽう・どっかい
9 October げんごちしき:ちょうかい
10 November Mock Exam?N5+N4