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2018年の変わる事・更新・ニュース Changes/Updates/News for 2018 :

New Top10

Revised JLPT Package

Revised Manga Package

Reminder : Feb Prices Auto Increase

2018 End Of Year Braai




New Top 10

Top10 is a vocabulary testing system that for the most part of teaching Japanese I have used but for the most part of 2017 was put on pause. It has been relaunched & revised because of its value to learning Japanese and fun aspect it adds. And in addition to that fun aspect I have added rewards. Which means if you do succeed get to the top you will get some money back.




Revised JLPT Package

The JLPT Package has been re-setup to be made up of two sections that are vital for the JLPT Studies. The textbook has been changed to, Shin Kanzen Master Bunpou & Dokkai versions for JLPT4 and Goukaku Dekiru for JLPT5, textbooks that are really clear and thorough on everything it has to offer. For Shin Kanzen Master you need to order the two books but not for Goukaku Dekiru.




Revised Manga Package

Clarity on the price list page on what it is and improvements what the plan of action is to this study course.  Reading is the main focus, with reading goals.




Reminder : February Price Auto Increase

Just to remind, there will be a auto price increase for February. Potentially you may be able to avoid this with the new top 10. During January you will get the update.




2018 End of Year Braai

In the past there used to be get togethers celebrational plans for everyone to meet and talk and have fun. So I’ve decided revive that. Should be fun!



Thats about it, Happy New Year!



 Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

Dear Student(s) & Parent(s), I want to extend my gratitude for your support this year and congratulations. It has been a very busy and tough year. And you all have done very well! Whether you were preping for the JLPT or not. I know it not much but thank you so much, I am very grateful and well done to you!
I managed to get the contiki virus at the last minute and been sick for most of December. As a result of this a lot of admin/updates/changes etc in preparation for 2018 has not been done yet but ill be busy at it during the 26th – 31st. 

Wishing you the best Christmas and new year!