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Top10 + Memrise

Japanese Update for April.

Top10 + Memrise
50% after hours price
Other Lesson types

Top10 + Memrise :

For April I will be introducing Memrise( to enhance the qualifying method of who is TOP.

Current problem that is arising is now its becoming harder for there to be only 1 of each Top1, Top2 and Top3. Memrise will fix this. It not compulsory , you can still get Top1, Top2, or 3 but if there two Top1’s the one with the highest Memrise score will get chosen.

At the end of the 3rd week ill take down the scores and that will be the Memrise score for that month. For example April 20th 8am.

Make sure that you are following me on Memrise so I can follow you back and take down your score.

PooruSensei is my username.

Memrise Decks :

Poorusenpai Japanese L1 – L3




Tips/Rules of the game :


  • Learn words in groups of 25, 50 and only learn new words if your classic review accuracy is 90%+ This will insure high points. Strong memory as the strong ones take 1 or 2 seconds to respond to.

  • This not really a tip/rule but Pandora Journey on sound cloud is a great addiction to your study plans.


Powertax :

Since this loadshedding’s Cyclone Idai Mozambique has happened. I feeling our load shedding problems are going to be on repeat for a while. I hope I am wrong but in the meanwhile there is a generator at my place that I can connect to when power is off but it costs R36.00. If you willing it will cost R36.00 or we can reschedule. But for some of you it may be better to pay the cost.


50% after hours price :

Usually I don’t work before 12pm or after 8pm. Only exception is Sunday. It will cost 50% more and either it will be for the R75.00 or R184. Which is R112.00 or R276.00.

Other Lesson types :

I am in the position were I need to expand in my services as teaching is my skill.

So new types of lessons that I will be becoming a service will be Memory lessons, Counselling ( Highschool children mainly) 3% Man Studies(dating/relationship textbook, not limited for marriage.) English lessons for Japanese people and Finished Work of the Cross Studies.)

This will be going onto The rate for these type of lessons will be R125.00 for the 1st 3 months. After that will be R150.00.