Minna No Nihongo Course

by Pooru Senpai



Level Lesson
1 1-6
2 7-12
3 13-18
4 19-24
5 25-30
6 31-36
7 37-42
8 43-48
9 49-54
10 55-60
11 61-66
12 67-74
13 Literature

JLPT Level
5 1-5
4 +6-7
3 +8-9
2 +10-12
1 13

I am starting a “new course” as this has always been the default plan just without restrictions and the formulaties. Will be beginning from September and continuing forever and ever. Available to optimize your time for your Japanese studies. Students of all levels may join in. It will begin for September and end in November. Beginning again in January. Every 3rd month the next term begins. This is a new alternative and not meant to replace the current default pace based learning model.
Enroll time : 21st Aug-11th Sep
Term duration : 3 Months.
Pass mark : 50%
How it works : At the end of the term your final mark will be announced on the Top10 board with others just like yourself. This mark is the total of your end term exam + portfolio work (vocabulary tests). Time restriction of 2 lesson modules per month.No exceptions given. But there are no restrictions on how many lessons you may take per month. In order to move onto the next level you must pass your current one!
Important requirements : You must know Hiragana and be prepared to learn Katakana.