2017年の変わる事・更新・ニュース Changes/Updates/News for 2017 :

10% Increase for 2017 From August  

Added Term : Auto Annual 10% Increase

Terms up update : Clarification on reschedule charge term

JLPT Announcement

Memrise Study Plan


10% Increase for 2017 From August + Auto Increase

Please note that I have not done any increases for the year so you should be thanking me that I am only doing it now! So if this comes a surprise unfortunately it cant be helped. If you would like to change or cancel any packages I will understand 100%.

As well as, an automatic increase has been added to terms and conditions of 10% and I will be adding a copy of terms n conditions to each invoice from  now on.

To see the price changes please go to http://japanese-tutor.co.za/pricelist


Terms up update : Clarification on reschedule charge term
  • After a lesson is scheduled by before the planned month any rescheduling or reserved lesson scheduling will cost a constant R50.00 plus a set accumulative cost for premium rate or a constant R75.00 plus a set accumulative cost for non-premium rate. More than 1 reschedule per month is not a constant R50.00+R50.00+R50.00 etc but a constant R50.00 plus an accumulative cost of R100.00 from the 2nd reschedule onwards . 1= R50, 2=R150, 3=R250,4=R450 (R0+R100+R200+R400) if it is non-premium 1=R75,2=175,3=375,etc. This is per month, so you may stretch 3 lessons over 3 months adding up to R150.00 instead of R350.00 over 1 month, this is if it at premium rate. This is universal to all packages with an exception to group package. Only if entire group agrees to a reschedule can there be one.

If you would like to view the terms and conditions please Click Here.


JLPT Announcement

Announcement for Application of 2017 JLPT (1)-1

Memrise Study Plan

First Month Free – Not sure what this entails?? No worries first month free for any one that signs up for this Study Plan.

What is Memrise?

Memrise is a language flashcard gamification study cellphone app or web browser (pc/mac) app. In my opinion, “a very successful gamification Japanese Study App”.


How does it work?

Words are presented to you in flashcard form, then you are tested in multiple choice. every correct answer gives you 40 points. And every 5,10,15,25 & 50 correct streak in a row gives you bonus points. There are different types of study options ranging from, learning new word, reviewing old words, reviewing difficult words and a fast review all giving points in different ways. Adding the support of your current points per week, month or all time. These points show up in the leader board which is international for that particular flashcard deck. Creating an competitive element. You can add your friends or other students and see how you do in comparison to them. All adding to the learning experience.

I will be sending you a reminder every Thursday to do your Memrise homework. There will be a deadline you will need to meet. And a consequence if you fail to meet it.


A screenshot of your Top 10 position in the leader board of the listed flashcard decks by Saturday or A screenshot of minimal of 100,000 points by Saturday for the 1st 3 Saturdays of the month.

List Of Decks

Any suggested and accepted desks will be added here.


What are the costs for Study Plan?

An extra 5% increase is added to your current package.

If you are unable to meet the required deadline for the 1st 3 Saturdays of that month, the 5% turns into a 10%.

Applying to or cancelling this study plan just requires a notice within the week before the new month.