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Clipboard0321.Test date  : 7th December.
2.Venue Japanese school in Emmarentia .
3.Levels available: N5-N1
4.Cost : R300.00 for each level choosen, cost might change.
5.Registration : From potentially later part of July to 12 of September
6. Inquiry : Embassy of Japan in South Africa : Cultural Section

Email : or




こんにちは みんなさん


This month is the last month for the ridiculous cheap group fees.
If you go for the this option now, it will never change for the entire year but rest assured money is not the most important thing so if this doesn’t work for you there is always another way!

Drop me a mail and Ill gladly send you the info on what type of lessons I give at what kind of cost.
Some people prefer private lessons and some prefer groups. Both have there pros and cons.

Besides what I have to offer, this year Japanese Language Proficiency Test tests will become available to us here in Johannesburg.
This is actually huge!The lack of tests gives us the freedom to run ignorant of our current Japanese proficiency level. I’m convinced that the impact of this will be huge as now those that say don’t have the freedom yet to get to Japan have at the least the freedom to prepare well for that day that comes.Self study is possible but without awareness I believe It becomes a short lived experienced. If you would like to find out more info about this please send me a mail or give me a call.