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Hi guys!

A lot has been going on recently, one of them I must emphasise is the prices for groups are really low at the moment. The special is going on from March till April. If you really like Japanese and money is an issue.. Id recommend to get yourself into gear and request the price list. I don’t like to post this info because I prefer knowing who is interested :)

You may not like groups… That could be your main reason to be not interested but I promise you if you take the leap of faith you may be surprised how fun and enlightening Japanese Group Lessons can be! And I’m sure you will come back, not because of the group but because the enjoyment factor is worth it!



The stats system has recently been modified to be more accurate and balanced. Making it better for everyone.

Bar has being raised in Japanese difficulty as a result of the recent JTPT difficulty changes.

For March and April a special going on with group prices. Get it while it lasts!

Vocabulary points for vocab list 1 and 2 is separate giving you the chance to be number one even if you are JTPT4 Student.