Roommate offer with the addition of learning Japanese.

Official from the 1st of October 2019.

Location : Randpark Ridge.

Check out this link for more info, pictures etc.

Homelearn is a room mate offer with the addition of learning Japanese. At R1000 per month you can learn Japanese  daily. That will entail 50min per day total of the months days times by 50minutes. You will be signing a lease for being a roommate and an invoice for being a student.

The learning agreement will be the months amount of days (30 or 31) at minimal of 50 min each owed on my half. U welcome to have more questions etc after and during your stay! Those 30 / 31 sessions will be scheduled/planned and doesnt have to be everyday but can be scheduled say within a time bracket of 5 days per week.   The agreement is monthly so u may cancel and resume when preferred and continue your lease agreement irrespective of learning agreement. This does include memory sessions but the memory sessions are limited to the 50 min sessions.

AT LEAST 7x faster than a usual once a week lesson and likely the rate of learning will be more than x10.  Something that would take a year to do, could be done in 2 months.
If you would compare a normal method of learning the the cost would cost R4592.00 normally. And we not even talking about how much faster my Japanese teaching is vs your average teacher… Obviously its at discount because 1 this something new and 2 you will be living with myself. Next time around it will be at least double this cost. If there is.

If you cant get to Japan just yet but want to learn fast with great retention, this your 2nd best bet as I doubt there no other place like this in Joburg.

To get in contact with myself.

Phone : 0823918756

Email :