Pay-It-Forward : A means for yourself to earn money.

Is having a SPECIAL, instead of the usual 18% cut it is now 50%!! For now or potentially forever.

Are you someone that wants to study but cant because of money?

Short of cash and looking for some easy work?

If you are 1 of either of those two questions above I think this might be for you.

If you refer someone for myself I will give you a 50% cut of what they pay for the first month.

Yes this is myself hiring you to advertise for myself and how I will pay you for your service is by the 50% cut. For more info please email myself at

Quick example :

4 lesson package 1 on 1 is R278.00.

8 lesson package 1 on 1 is R504.00

4 lesson package hard 1 on 1 is R500.00

4 lesson package group size is R400.00


Here is an excel sheet to give you an idea of what is potentially available.

Excel Sheet Link .( This sheet is outdated but just take the total of any package and divide by 2 and thats what you can get!)

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