This page is dedicated to all that useful material you will need on your journey to learning Japanese. I recommend trying out all types of sources of Japanese as just one source of material is a translation of Japanese,  having multiple translation is much more helpful to get the bigger picture!


Online Dictionaries :
Overlay Browser Dictionary : Rikaikun

Digital Learning Material :
Tae Kim’s Guide
Midori iphone app (highly recommend, ipad app is the best one.)
Wakan Dictionary Program

Hiragana & Katakana Resources :
Dr.Moku Website
Japanese Hiragana Charts Click Download for one.
Pooru Senpai Hiragana Chart.
Hiragana and Katana memorize program – LearnKana.exe.
Link to Hiragana Mnemonics
Hiragana Games :
Katakana Games :

Kanji Resources :

Enchange Websites :

Books :
Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Dictionary (Skip Method)
Oxford Beginner’s Japanese Dictionary
Oxford Japanese Grammar and Verbs
Dirty Japanese : From everyday slang..

Japanese Radio Stations : (Okinawa Talk Radio Station) (Summary of Radio Stations in Japan)

Japanese Maths:

Online Reliable Shops : (Japan) (South Africa)

All the content on this page I highly recommend.




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