JLPT Course

N5 & N4 Only





Total R672.00 for 4 Sessions @ Premium Rate.

R185/Lesson – Total R739.00 for 4 Sessions @ Normal Rate.

Top10 Rewards Compatible.


Total R1190.00 for 8 Sessions @ Premium Rate.

R159/Lesson – Total R1275.00 for 8 Sessions @ Normal Rate.

Top10 Rewards Compatible.

All packages are per month.

Normal vs Optimal

Reality is you can make it with normal but optimal is better. Japanese is both a language of theory and practical. I would recommend Optimal because you need that time with theory work and practical. Both have an important role to play but some have gotten away with just Normal and passed there jlpt exam. Only difference between packages is the lesson count. If not sure, try both.

JLPT Course :

The textbook we use is the Shin Kanzen Master Bunpou & Dokkai (Grammar & Reading Comprehension) or Goukaku Dekiru. If you are going for JLPT5 you will need Goukaku Dekiru, if you are going for JLPT4 you will need the two JLPT4 versions of Shin Kanzen Master. Id recommend www.cdjapan.co.jp for ordering Shin Kanzen Master.  For theory our main objective will just be getting through all the material, as for practical it will be using the grammar and vocabulary for practical use.

You will be put on a schedule and need to be prepared to do a lot of studies on a regular time frame. Breath relax, you can do it!




What do you mean by a session? :

A session is 50 minutes in length. All these options are airtime for the planned month. This means none of these options can be split over 2 months or more. If not all the sessions are used up your session is not lost you are allowed to reschedule that session for that particular month. Available reschedules can not carry over to another month, they are lost if not used up.





Premium or Normal rate ? :

Premium Rate?Normal Rate?Within the terms and conditions there is a rule, If payment for planned month is made in advance you will then get a 10% discount, Premium Rate for future invoices. 1st month is automatically Premium after that if you manage to make a late payment for the following month you will be on Normal Rate until 2 advanced payments are made in a row.


Rescheduling ? :

To reschedule it will cost you R75.00. The charge doubles for each reschedule within a month. Eg. R75.00 + R150.00 + R300.00 (R525.00 for the 3). But if you space it over 3 months it will be R75.00 per month instead of R525.00 for 3 in one month. Important note, if you make a reschedule and you cancel I will still charge you! And the 2nd one for that month will be R150.00.


Travel Costs :

If you would like myself to come to your home for a lesson, these are the charges.

R2.80 per km
R2.64 per minute

Charges made for total travel of per km and per minute.

You may asking yourself per minutes? Depending on the distance and traffic will define how much time is costed by myself to get to you and back home. If this cost is not covered I pay for it and travel lessons are rather not preferred. This charge makes travel lessons possible and beneficial for everyone.As for that exact time duration, only way is to ask myself. I usually have a good idea of what the time duration will be so please don’t hesitate to ask as I understand it an important factor to take into consideration when doing Japanese. If this cost not something you are not willing to do, then please consider group lesson as this cost will be divided among the group or skype or at my home lessons.

Please be aware of this
when considering travel/callout lesson.
The amount of km’s it will take myself to get to you and back is the total
that is charged including the amount of minutes there and back.





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