JLPT 2017 Study Course+Mock Exam


Study Material : Goukaku dekiru
JLPT Levels : N5 + N4
Cost  : Extra charge of R10 per lesson to cover printing cost but otherwise exactly the same as the Medium Package or if group .
Details : This course focus is for both N5 and N4 students. Meaning you will either be doing N5 content or N4 content. Begins from February ending half way through June with Mock Exam. Repeats again from July to November with Mock Exam. You can decide which terms to do, whether both or just one. Majority of work will be getting through material. With extra homework to be done. You will be required to do your own JLPT Ankidriod/other flashcard studies of N5 or N4.
JLPT Exam is usually at the end of the first week of December. Once you’ve done your studies you should be ready.
Course Schedule :

 Month Activities N5+N4
Term 1
1 February げんごちしき:もじ・ごい
2 March げんごちしき:ぶんぽう・どっかい
3 April げんごちしき:ぶんぽう・どっかい
4 May げんごちしき:ちょうかい
5 June Mock Exam N5+N4
Term 2
6 July げんごちしき:もじ・ごい
7 August げんごちしき:ぶんぽう・どっかい
8 September げんごちしき:ぶんぽう・どっかい
9 October げんごちしき:ちょうかい
10 November Mock Exam?N5+N4





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Manga Courses for May/June 2016

I am currently working on Japanese Lessons that are focused on Manga Material. Will not be for the faint hearted but will be a very additive study plan!

Simply the best way improve your Anime Japanese is manga. Manga is the script so if you know the script very well then you wont need those english subtitles and in the process being a great support to your Japanese ability.

In the beginning I tried to specify the specific number of manga books to choose from to do these specialised studies but I must admit there is no set number. Only limitations are the conditions required to make it all work.
Having the manga of your choice and my guidance that will insure your success in progressing as far as you would like to.

Eta for the availability of 1st manga course + info will be somewhere from May or June.

If you would like to do this course it will mean you will have to purchase the books online. Dont forget to take into consideration that it would take 3-4 weeks to arrive. If you want to begin the course it would require you to wait. Unless I have scans of the particular manga or yourself can find some! Then there is no need for the wait.

Here are the websites you can order the books from,

Click the images for direct links to purchase some of the possible mangas online.

And just incase you wondering, the course will not be a reading course only. You will get vocabulary homework and there will be a fair amount of speaking practice, otherwise what is the point. This new method of studies wouldn’t be any different to all the usual methods I have always exercised but now with a more exciting medium to get you to were you would like to be. If you have anymore questions please hesitate to ask!

NEOBK-12853NEOBK-18436 NEOBK-170491091CHkcvXe9LNEOBK-5861NEOBK-9975


Other potential Mangas : GTO, Fairy Tale, Attack on Titan, Studio Ghibi Movies, Trigun and more!

Updated 04/16/2016

Minna No Nihongo Course

by Pooru Senpai



Level Lesson
1 1-6
2 7-12
3 13-18
4 19-24
5 25-30
6 31-36
7 37-42
8 43-48
9 49-54
10 55-60
11 61-66
12 67-74
13 Literature

JLPT Level
5 1-5
4 +6-7
3 +8-9
2 +10-12
1 13

I am starting a “new course” as this has always been the default plan just without restrictions and the formulaties. Will be beginning from September and continuing forever and ever. Available to optimize your time for your Japanese studies. Students of all levels may join in. It will begin for September and end in November. Beginning again in January. Every 3rd month the next term begins. This is a new alternative and not meant to replace the current default pace based learning model.
Enroll time : 21st Aug-11th Sep
Term duration : 3 Months.
Pass mark : 50%
How it works : At the end of the term your final mark will be announced on the Top10 board with others just like yourself. This mark is the total of your end term exam + portfolio work (vocabulary tests). Time restriction of 2 lesson modules per month.No exceptions given. But there are no restrictions on how many lessons you may take per month. In order to move onto the next level you must pass your current one!
Important requirements : You must know Hiragana and be prepared to learn Katakana.


2015 New Course

I’ve being very busy working on the New Course for this year, unfortunately I have not being very expressive on the fact I am offering a course to the public.

It is tough being a one man show, creating your own course from your own writing plus having to work,study, and live.

This course has being setup to cater for the JLPT5 and 4 this year. It is recommended only for those that are keen to prep themselves for that. There are 3 joining dates and 3 modules that I like to call Stages. Those 3 joining dates are for the beginning of each term.(3 terms in total) There will be exams at end of each term including lots of homework on a weekly basis.

3 Joining dates are :

Now up till 7th February for Term1
1st – 9th of May for Term 2
1st – 5th September for Term 3

Please note this course requires you to know Hiragana and Katakana before hand.

2015 Updates

I am in the process of updating everything for 2015

Just letting you know in case you wonderinng why certain aspects of the website is underdeveloped or lacking info. I will make another post once everything is up to date.

2015 Teaser

I am busy working on some new stuff for 2015

A New student study category that is better focused for JLPT studies and an official standard checker quarterly exams to see if you fit to handle the heat of the level you are studying on. This will be used for the new Top10.

Most likely can expect to see this info official towards end of the 1st week of January.


Tomorrow the 10th is the last day to register within Johannesburg for Japanese Language Proficiency Test Exam.

Otherwise the embassy in Pretoria is your last option. Last day to register via there is the 12th!

Scroll down to read the brochure on how you are suppose to register.