About Myself


Hi my name is Paul Heidt.

I am a teacher of Japanese. I am a White South African. I in no way originate from Japan. I studied through two Japanese teachers here in Johannesburg and without their help I don’t think I’d be were I am. They showed me that self-study is risky unless you know how to do it right.
What I do is teach Japanese.
I’d also like to emphasis that for me: this not a hobby or an excuse for a waist of time, my job is to produce Japanese intelligent speaking students not parrot fashioned students that are good at reciting but have no idea what they are saying. I don’t waist any time in this department and can’t handle delay that doesn’t lead to any results of fluency. I have being teaching for 8 years (Started 2010 Nov.) and I reckon I know what really helps and does not when it comes to learning the language.

My reasons for teaching Japanese :

  1. It is my passion.
  2. I love and enjoy how Japanese works and to me its heaven.
  3. To break away from the traditional ways of teaching

I found when learning Japanese there was a lot miscommunication of information because of the language barrier. People that were bad became worse and people that were good became better, it was an imbalanced student dependant style and I’d like to say my method is a balance of both teacher dependant and student dependant, it is far more effective enjoyable and tangible when it comes to results.

I am quite obsessed when it comes to making results out of you, this is you progressing in Japanese. Reading, Speaking, understanding, etc. I don’t just teach but I couch as well. Japanese is not one of those subjects were its okay to do the bare minimal. I am also not enforcer when it comes to learning, or your judge that will make sure you receive the inadequate penalty due. Rather I prefer to give you the tools that will help you to perform far beyond you would expect from yourself.

My methods encourage and guarantee that by the time 6 months have passed you can clearly see were you have come from and where you are now, how far you have progressed and I think in Japanese this is vital! At the moment I do not think there is a Japanese Teacher in Johannesburg that takes the trade seriously.

I may be white, not Japanese but I boldly say you will not find a better teacher with anyone else than myself. First lesson is free. Don’t hesitate, you never know, you might be surprised! Email me the day and time you would like to have your first lesson, then you can decide if these Japanese lessons might be worth it.

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