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Below are short descriptions of the options above available for yourself.

Private : This option is for those that would like the time that I teach within to be completely dedicated to themselves with no distractions of other students. An accelerated pace compared to group classes.

Skype : This option is for those who cannot make up for the distance that separates student and teacher. Cam and at least 1mb line is recommended for successful connection. Please note even though Skype is an option it is preferred that Private is chosen as It is a better teacher student environment.

Group : This option is for those who would like to share the cost of a session with another student or students. It does not share the benefits of a private lessons but private lessons do not have the enjoyment and inspired commitment that you receive from others just like yourself.

Custom : Short lessons of custom creation. Vocabulary list is on average 30 and different grammar subjects max out at 6. There are short snippets of examples and rest is left to do some practical. This price range falls in the same category of easy and medium difficulty packages with the exception of an extra charge of R50.00 per lesson to cover for printing charges, flashcards and extra time
I have put in to create these customize able lessons. Only requirement is that you know your hiragana and katakana well otherwise I would not recommend this for you.

Manga Course : What is manga? Manga are Japanese comics but most importantly the script to Anime.  The only con is the lack of polite Japanese. Otherwise in my opinion I think this a very effective way to learn Japanese. Price range falls under easy and medium packages with a +R25.00 per lesson to cover for extra work that is put into this course to make it possible, vocab lists, grammar notes , flashcards and printing charges. The option of using scanned copies of Mangas is available or you may purchase the book online of course I dont mind assisting you. With this course you may choose any manga to study. Let myself know which that one may be, ill let you know how long it will take to prepare the 1st lesson and then we may begin.

Retainer : The lessons I give are long term and it just may be possible that your slot is been watched and the moment it is free, another student takes it. With the limited slots available this can be problematic! It may be the only time in the week you can do and the ETA to it been free again could be 6 months – 2 years+!



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