“Lessons with Pooru Sensei have been great.
I take them with my wife over the weekends and we look forward to the lessons every week.
Paul has a great way of pacing the content in a way that feels challenging but not overwhelming. Me and my wife learn at different paces but he still manages to keep us both engaged while showing endless patience.
I just started additional weekly Manga lessons with Paul over Skype, and he is always ready and well prepared, I was really surprised how well the Skype lessons work!
I would recommend Paul as a teacher to anyone, he has a manageable pace and affordable prices.”
Xander, age 27



I am really enjoying the classes. I definitely feel smarter after every lesson. You are a really cool guy J. Thank you for explaining this incredible difficult language, I wouldn’t be able to do it without you J





I started lessons this year, and its going well :) I find the work challenging, but I also find the more responsibility I take for my own progress the faster I learn. Having said that, Paul is a great teacher – he answers all my questions in detail, the work is useful and fun. Highly recommended to anyone that loves to learn!
Adam, age 24