Pooru Haitto is a rock solid full time Japanese language teacher who has a wealth of knowledge and understanding.
Paul has a unique teaching style, combined with his enthusiasm and patience he’s able to make each and every lesson memorable.

If you want to learn to read, write and speak Japanese in a relaxed & fun environment, I highly recommend Pooru Haitto who knows what it takes to advance your Japanese from zero to hero!!

The force is strong with this one!!
Jacques Steenberg (27 Aug 2018)

Paul is a calm and encouraging tutor for Japanese.

I started learning with Paul back in 2015. We started with a 3-person group session, which shrunk to 2 people fairly soon. Every lesson Paul is prepared to take you beyond what you think you can do.

I specifically enjoy how open Paul is to your interests as a learner. I always felt comfortable saying what I think I need, the way I like learning… and he shows incredible flexibility finding ways of matching his curriculum to those needs.

I would highly recommend Paul’s Japanese tutoring for anybody curious about learning the language; and especially anybody who is preparing to take the JLPT in South Africa. Paul is committed to getting his learners through that gauntlet and it feels like he is with you every step of the way.

Tristan Jacobs, 30 (20 Aug 2018)

“Having tried self studying for the JLPT and realizing it is not easy when working, I came across Paul who has helped me greatly with my Japanese.

His knowledge of the levels of JLPT I am working towards, N5 through N3, is excellent and has helped me reach a point where I can hold a small conversation with my Japanese colleagues. All round very professional.”

Morgan D’Arcy (2 Jul 2018)


I would highly recommend Paul to any person who is interested in Japanese studies. He is passionately involved and shares his drive and enthusiasm for Japanese studies. The lessons are well prepared, easy to learn and enables every student to commit to them.

Stephen Hayward, Age 31 (2 May 2018)

I started lessons this year, and its going well I find the work challenging, but I also find the more responsibility I take for my own progress the faster I learn. Having said that, Paul is a great teacher – he answers all my questions in detail, the work is useful and fun. Highly recommended to anyone that loves to learn!

Adam, age 24 (12 Apr 2018)

I am really enjoying the classes. I definitely feel smarter after every lesson. You are a really cool guy J. Thank you for explaining this incredible difficult language, I wouldn’t be able to do it without you J

Freddie (12 Apr 2018)


  “Lessons with Pooru Sensei have been great.I take them with my wife over the weekends and we look forward to the lessons every week.Paul has a great way of pacing the content in a way that feels challenging but not overwhelming. Me and my wife learn at different paces but he still manages to keep us both engaged while showing endless patience.I just started additional weekly Manga lessons with Paul over Skype, and he is always ready and well prepared, I was really surprised how well the Skype lessons work!I would recommend Paul as a teacher to anyone, he has a manageable pace and affordable prices.”

Xander, age 27 (14 Mar 2018)