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Here is a short summary of a variety of packages available for study from normal to online and variants of those.

Please note if  you use a foreign currency,  the fee is according to the conversion from your currency to South Africa. (Skype)

Below is the descriptions of the packages.

Private : This option is for those that would like the time that I teach within to be completely dedicated to themselves with no distractions of other students and do lessons in person face to face. The JLPT Course is within this option for selection. An accelerated pace compared to group classes.

Zoom (Skype alternative) : This option is for those who cannot make up for the distance that separates student and teacher. Camera and at least 1mb line is recommended for successful connection.

Group : This option is for those who would like to share the cost of a session with another student or students. It does not share the benefits of a private lessons but private lessons do not have the enjoyment and inspired commitment that you receive from others just like yourself.

Manga Course : What is manga? Manga are Japanese comics but most importantly the script to Anime.  The only con is the lack of polite Japanese. Otherwise in my opinion I think this a very effective way to learn Japanese. Price range falls under easy and medium packages with a +R25.00 per lesson to cover for extra work that is put into this course to make it possible, vocab lists, grammar notes , flashcards and printing charges. The option of using scanned copies of Mangas is available or you may purchase the book online of course I dont mind assisting you. With this course you may choose any manga to study. Let myself know which that one may be, ill let you know how long it will take to prepare the 1st lesson and then we may begin.

Below here are the lessons costs!

These are all @ Easy / Medium Difficulty


Total R800.00 for 4 Sessions @ Premium Rate.

R220/Lesson – Total R880.00 for 4 Sessions @ Late Rate.

Top10 Rewards Compatible.  ETA = 1 Minna Lesson Module /3week


Total R1440.00 for 8 Sessions @ Premium Rate.

R200/Lesson – Total R1600.00 for 8 Sessions @ Late Rate.

Top10 Rewards Compatible.  ETA = 1 Minna Lesson Module /2week


Total R1980.00 for 12 Sessions @ Premium Rate.

R185/Lesson – Total R2220.00 for 12 Sessions @ Late Rate.

Top10 Rewards Compatible. ETA = 1 Minna Lesson Module /1week


For all packages there is a compulsory R50.00 fee for the Top10 Board.

The below options are modification to the RATE of the above lessons. All per an individual especially the group section.

+R25.00/ Manga Lessons

Requirement : Completed a course of JLPT3 Japanese.

+R20.00 / Memory Japanese Lessons

Requirement : Be prepared with energy. These lessons can be draining but are very effective and you will learn how the mind words in theory and in practice.

R170.00 / Kid Lessons Age=10-15 @30minute sessions.

-R54.00 / Group Lessons for 2 People.

-R64.00 / Group Lessons for 3 People.

-R74.00 / Group Lessons for 4 People.

Do the math, you will see groups is the way to go…

Textbooks :

R150.00 / Minna 1 1kyuu Lesson 1 – Lesson 10

R150.00 /Minna 1 2kyuu Lesson 11 – 20

R150.00 /Minna 1/2 3kuu Lesson 21 – 30

R150.00 /Minna 2 4kyuu Lesson 31 – 40

R150.00 /Minna2 5kyuu Lesson 41 – 50

You may print them yourselves, ask myself for the pdf.

Official Minna Textbook 1 and 2


ETA? :

Estimated Time of Arrival, time it will take you to complete x amount of lessons. On each package I have put how long it will take to get through the lesson material. Easy and Medium is the same and Hard double the speed.

All packages are per month.

Easy? Medium ? :

This difficulty setting gives you time to work on your Hiragana and depend on Romaji for the 1st 3 lesson modules. Then you will do a Hiragana writing test in order to move on lesson 4 that no longer has Romaji. Medium starts with hiragana and katakana from 1st lesson. No hiragana test.

What do you mean by a session? :

A session is 50 minutes in length. All these options are airtime for the planned month. This means none of these options can be split over 2 months or more. If not all the sessions are used up your session is not lost you are allowed to reschedule that session for that particular month. Available reschedules can not carry over to another month, they are lost if not used up.

How does this course work ?  :

The default course uses the Minna No Nihongo Text Book the exception to easy difficulty is we only begin on this text book from lesson 4 since it is Hiragana based. There is a course of 74 lesson modules to be completed.

Premium or Late rate ? :

Premium Rate? Late Rate? Within the terms and conditions there is a rule, If payment for planned month is made in advance you will then get a 10% discount, Premium Rate for future invoices. 1st month is automatically Premium after that if you manage to make a late payment for the following month you will be on late rate until 2 advanced payments are made in a row.

Rescheduling ? :

To reschedule it will cost you R75.00 without limit but is not refundable. And you will need to schedule again if you fail to attend rescheduled lesson.

Travel Costs :

Sadly I do not do travel anymore. But zoom (new skype) is a great alternative.

If I have not answered any questions please don’t hesitate to drop myself a mail! or 0823918756. Whatsapp/Call.

Please note terms and conditions apply, 
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