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At the moment The Top10 Board related to discounts(rewards for studies) is under revision but the international memrise score board with others is updated here on a regular basis. The people here are variety that I found from popular flashcard decks.

Below here is Top10 Board information related to how it has usually been.

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Q&A :

How does memrise scoring system work?

Rewards ability over achievement. Each word correct gives you a point but large amount of points are given because of streaks. Meaning you will dislike this application if you want to have the ability without proficiency… meaning if you put in the studies you will enjoy the application while if you just want to feel good about your progress you will hate this application.

These are alternative ways to get high points on the Top10 that bypasses the usual methods. Making it possible for yourself be Top1 via a different route. These tasks as well are very good for your Japanese so though they may be difficult they will have a strong complimentary effect on your Japanese Competency.

What is the cut off point for scores for each month?

Every month 24th @8am

Vocab testing is from the 1st – 24th.

How is the pot calculated?

It is R100 from each student and the total of that. Other rewards are from the Teacher.

Like Memrise Top & Memrise All Time Rewards.

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Vocab scores x Memrise score = points

How to get high Memrise Scores.

Rotate your phone and click full screen icon to expand video size.(related to video)

Please note this is an estimation and not an 100% accurate but very close.

If you would like to measure your fluency you can use the below measure to rank yourself.

MNN = MNN Honsatsu

Cambridge levels vs JLPT

A1 = N5 ½ (Easy Japanese)

A2 = N5 (Easy Japanese)

A2 = N4 (Easy Japanese)

B1 = N3 (Medium Hard Japanese)

B2 = N2 (Hard Japanese)

C2 = N1 (Very Hard Japanese)