Top10 Pot for April was R1200.00 (March=R570,April=R630), if more than one person is in a position, it is because neither has a memrise score. If you in a group, the memrise score will be the groups total divided by the amount of students within. April score is a combo of March and April’s Top10.

Top 10 Board April 2019

Student Points Material Memrise Reward
1 Dane, Ruan, Camron, Limri 600 MNN 12,613 R720.00
2 Ciara, Michael 600 MNN+MemC R360.00
3 Koji,Rebecca 570 MNN R120.00
4 Ryan 490 JLPT3
5 Jason 450 MNN
6 Hannes 370 MNN 29,160
7 Greg 370 MNN
8 Megan 290 MNN
9 Ammaar 230 MNN
10 Jacques 180
11 Andrew 130 Prep
12 Tim 90 MNN

Top 10 Board for 2019

Student Points Material Memrise
1 Ciara 1200 MNN 0
2 Dane, Ruan, Camron, Limri 1090 MNN 12,613
3 Hannes 890 MNN 29,160
4 Ryan 890 JLPT3 0
5 Jason 790 MNN 0
6 Ammaar 790 MNN 0
7 Greg 720 MNN 0
8 MIchael 600 MNN+MemC 0
9 Koji,Rebecca 580 MNN 0
10 Xander 540 MNNH 0 2
11 Tim 460 MNN 0
12 Megan 200 MNN 0
13 Maureen Ruth 170 Prep 0
14 Andrew 80 Prep 0

Top10? :

Top10 Is a vocabulary testing system used for competitive purposes. Every lesson your vocabulary will be tested and by the end of the month that score is added to the top 10 board for that month. a random % of current lesson vocabulary and total vocabulary learnt will be used. Encouraging both current lesson vocabulary studies and previous lessons studies. A reward system will also be in place, only applicable for the Top10 of the month board. Check below for what the rewards are.

Memrise? :

This is an App and website that you can use to improve your Japanese. Not limited to just Japanese. Memrise is now needed if you would like to insure your position within the Top10. If there are two Top1’s, the student with a higher memrise score will be chosen. If both students neither have a memrise score, then the rewards for Top1 will be divided between the two. In order to see the Memrise leaderboard click my profile and add those that are following me…!


Rewards for Top10 board of the each month :

_ Top Rewards
1 60% of Pot
2 30% of Pot
3 10% of Pot

Memrise Decks :

Poorusenpai Japanese L1 – L3

Minna No Nihongo Book 1

Minna No Nihongo Book 2


Tips/Rules of the game Memrise :

  • Use tampermonkey for Memrise multiple choice, Memrise infinite learning and Memrise autolearn. Which implies you the website vs the app.

  • Learn words in groups of 25, 50 and only learn new words if your classic review accuracy is 90%+ This will insure high points. Strong memory as the strong ones take 1 or 2 seconds to respond to. Id recommend Memrise AutoLearn Mod and skip learn and go straight to review. Whether you are doing learning mode or review, you are learning it just simplfies the process to always use review.

  • Memrising Process : As for the process of studying, dont just unconsciously click words, for the words you know you will respond naturally and it should be effortless, better you know it the even more effortless and natural it will be. See that as a gauge for were you stand. But for the ones you dont know usually it requires effort, if thats the case put the effort in, dont hesitate, more willing you are to adept to words that require effortless response and words that require your extra attention, sooner you will be cruising through chunks of words and getting high points. Having a lot of fun at the same time and getting a sense of fulfillment.

  • Darkreader is a nice addition for the study process.






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