Hi my name is Paul Heidt. ポオル先輩と呼んでください。

I can understand your struggles with learning and cater for that & empower you to a efficient learning style.

I am a South African Teacher of Japanese. I am an INTP. I can accommodate all your Japanese learning needs, from casual learning to JLPT prep, or just help with learning how to understand anime or manga. I can assist with basic business Japanese.

I am not from Japan, however, I have studied with two Japanese teachers (Akiko-sensei and Hiroi-sensei) based in Johannesburg and have also had many online teachers from Japan.

I have gone through extensive self work that is enabled myself to teach as young as 11-12 years old. Something that is not normal amongst the Japanese teaching community for non-Japanese. Normally you would have to wait till the age 17+- minimal for non-Japanese but with me that is not required!

This is my profession and passion. My goal is to produce fluent Japanese speaking students, not through recitation and parrot training. My classes are efficient, but also fun! I have been teaching for 12 years, and studying Japanese for 14.5 years.

My students have had an extremely high success rate (2/3 pass) in passing the JLPT N5 – N3.

My reasons for teaching Japanese :

  1. It is my passion.
  2. I love how the Japanese language works!
  3. I have a passion for innovative teaching methods.

I make sure that the student has the spotlight in my lessons, to ensure that it is not rote learning, or just an endless lecture, but that you, the student, gets to practice fully. You will be challenged.

I am obsessed with ensuring my students get the best results. I want to make sure you have the tools to perform beyond my classes and achieve your own language learning goals. I guarantee you will see progress.

I have insight that typical Japanese teachers don’t have which is a unique attribute of a Senpai. No.1 how many relate to your learning experience? No2. How many understand the complex dynamics of memory and able to teach that? Fuse it with their teaching in practical easy bites? No.3 How is there understanding of the reasoning behind the language? No.4 Last teaching skill and experience.

I will boldly proclaim you will not find a better tutor. The first lesson is free. Lessons are R220 per hour. Please see my price list for more details. Please schedule by email poorusenpai@gmail.com / whatsapp / call 064-969-6852 .

Check out my cv @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-heidt-5b014b64/


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